Chris brings a founder mentality to GTM strategy Move fast, break things, iterate is how I operate.

Exclusive Community
Meet like-minded founders who share your passion for building
Innovative Model
Inflection of leveraging tech/data + advisory work
Explosive Growth
Data-driven insights help companies navigate quicker and avoid the avoidable
Exclusive Community
  • Private meetups & webinars
  • Monthly book club
  • Access to our search services
  • Discounts on software & leadership training
Innovative Model
  • Platform to collate data on startups and benchmark performance anonymously
  • Shared insights across founders on what's working
  • Merry data with real advisory from Chris and his team
Explosive Growth

  • Leverage Chris' recruiting expertise to attract the best talent
  • Make decisions using data that you're not thinking about while you're in the weeds of building
  • Move fast, break things, iterate.
We're different.

How we work

Traditional firms have transactional relationships with founders.
  • Deep understanding of your business
  • We plan to get our hands dirty to help you with any challenge you're facing
  • Our tech culture means we're transparent and don't sugarcoat things

Start working with
6 Degrees.

1. Intro call:
I get to know you and you get to know our firm
2. We get to work:
Platform and benchmarking work to help us dial in the right metrics
3. Time to work:
The insights we derive will be our starting point for where we focus our energy the first 90 days
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